Novel gene-targeted epigenome therapy for unmet medical needs in CNS disorders

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CLAIRIgene: intercepting gene expression to halt CNS diseases


All-in-one AAV or Lenti system for efficient expression modulation

Lead program, CLRI-002, potential to be First-in-Class Alzheimer’s Therapeutic

Platform technology with neurodegeneration programs and broad applications in gene therapy manufacturing


Industry-Validation: Partnered with Seelos Therapeutics for PD therapeutic

Partnership Duke Viral Vector Core and the Duke Translational Brain Sciences, Dept. of Neurology

Management with expertise in neurodegenerative diseases, gene therapy, and venture creation


~$400K in STTR Phase 1 from National Institute of Aging to develop AD therapeutic. Additional STTR from NCATS

Research funding from the Michael J. Fox  Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

Research well-funded by NIH and Industry-sponsored research

Our story

CLAIRIgene, LLC was founded in 2019 as a spinout from Duke University to address the genetic causes of neurodegenerative diseases. Its primary technology is based on a research collaboration between Drs. Ornit Chiba-Falek and Boris Kantor. Dr. Chiba-Falek is Division Chief of Translational Brain Sciences at Duke University. Her research attempts to better understand the genetic processes underpinning age-related neurodegenerative diseases, in particular AD and Lewy body spectrum diseases. Dr. Kantor of the Duke University Viral Vector Core specializes in development of virus mediated tools for gene transfer

Founded by innovative scientists with decades of experience, CLAIRIgene is committed to rapidly advancing our therapeutics to the clinic. Our team has witnessed first-hand the turbulent journey those with dementia experience. Driven by science and inspired by dementia community, our team continues their dedication bring drugs to patients and work towards a better tomorrow for patients and their loved ones.

Ken Hamm, Alzheimer’s patient (1947-2020)